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10/12/18 Check out HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOU’RE TRYING TO END SEXUAL HARASSMENT by Joanne Sandler and Aruna Rao

You can read Joanne and Aruna’s new piece here! Check out a sneak peek:

“As the leader of a large complex organization — like the Catholic Church, Fox News, the State of New York, or the United Nations — the pressure on you to take action to end sexual harassment is enormous. Especially with Ronan Farrow and the New Yorker nipping at your heels and talking to so many disgruntled, fed-up women who have been (temporarily) empowered by #MeToo.

Don’t worry. Patriarchy has been around for more than 10,000 years. It’s good at the long game. Here are five almost foolproof ways you can look like you’re trying to stop sexual harassment in your workplace while making sure that (unlike most of the women who work in your organization) patriarchal power remains untouched:

1. Bring a lot of legal and human resources people and senior managers into leadership teams designing new policies and practices.

This signals that your first concern is protecting the organization. The experiences and abuses that survivors have suffered are secondary. Senior managers are probably some of the perpetrators so will know how to protect their own. The State of New York’s 2018 sex harassment law is a shining example: four men sat in a room to draft the law with no public hearings or input from complainants. These people know who needs protection!” (read more)