Season 2 Episode 10: Freida Williams and Diane Scanlon - What’s This Song Good For?

"When you’re in a band, there’s a dance you’re all doing. When it works it’s orgasmic. Everyone is listening, moving together. It’s perfect. " - Diane Scanlon  

"I’ve gone from religious to righteous, and now, to rebellious." - Freida Williams

In their 50s and 60s and still as hot as ever, Freida Williams and Diane Scanlon love performing together. They are long-time friends and supporters for each other in a testosterone-driven, ageist music business. They’re both committed to using their music and talents to reverse mounting sexist and racist practices and rhetoric throughout the U.S. This was a joyful first-ever Two Old Bitches interview of two friends together. And we cannot begin to thank them for their insights, their magical voices and their boundless creativity! And, now about Diane and Freida:

Freida Williams has been a dancer, actor, and model, and identifies most as a singer. Freida brings her unique contralto voice and sultry stage presence to venues around the world. Theater credits include Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Wiz, and Sophisticated Ladies. She’s worked with musical icons like Bette Midler, Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, and Annie Lennox. One of the highlights of her career was getting a phone call from Mick Jagger to invite her to audition for his world tour!  Now past 50 years old, Freida is also focusing on other passions, like writing and politics. She is a strong believer that women of the world will lead the fight for justice and a better life for all people! Freida captures her current state this way: “For most of my earlier years, I have primarily gone with the flow. Now I want to be part of the flow!”

At 65, Diane Scanlon is embarking on her next journey to find new audiences and collaborations for her creativity, her politics and her music. Her newest CD – “Again” – is a stellar calling card (please listen and tell your friends! Immediately!). She’s developing a musical comedy about aging rock and rollers (called Assisted Living) and organizing musical house parties to build new audiences. Her life has been filled with adventure, plot twists and gratification – from being the (terrified) solo opening act for Jefferson Starship at 19 years old to writing Grammy Award winning songs for Eva Cassidy and others, and becoming a mom in her 40s with her partner, Sophie. Her talents as a songwriter, guitar player, performer, arranger and producer are constantly growing and evolving. Known for her emotion, soul-searching lyrics and blues-infused guitar, Diane is a ‘musician’s musician’ who is increasingly using her talent to call on citizens to “Wake Up” and fight for justice.

You can download Diane’s latest EP from iTunes, check out her music on Soundcloud and see what's new at

Diane's photo by David Spagnolo - Photographs

You can see Freida crossing the room in the opening scene of this Eurythmics video Would I Lie to You: