Season 3 Episode 05: Betsy ‘La Guapa’ Gude - Fearless Adventurer


"It was just an ocean of stars. And you’re in the middle of night. And it’s pitch black. You can’t see your hand in front of you. And…you just sit there and wait for the light."

Having a crazy dream is good. Making it come true is rapturous! And that’s what Betsy “La Guapa" Gude did on the cusp of her 59th year, all-too-aware that 60 was not far off. One of her dreams was to cross the Atlantic on a ship, but not a luxury liner. As you’ll hear, her odyssey began when Betsy happened upon the Galeón Andalucía (a replica of wooden ships in Spain's 16th fleet) moored in Kingston, New York last summer. Barely a month later, she joined 23 strangers as part of the crew on the Galeón’s three-week voyage (during hurricane season!) from Atlantic City to Spain. The trip offered a silence and a beauty that she could never have imagined ...and changed her forever.