Season 4 Episode 05: Renata Joy - Pure Joy!


When I am open and accepting about all of the things about myself, things happen. …It wasn’t until I decided that one of the things that was to my advantage was my age that things took off." 

When Renata Joy was barely 11 years old, her older brother predicted that she was “the key” to her family’s “fame and fortune.” How right he was! Renata left her Midwest home to become an Emmy-nominated TV producer in New York on a variety of news and talk shows, including “The View,” and worked with media superstars such as Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw and Meredith Viera. After 20 years in broadcasting, she left to create Pure Joy Wellness, a life-style brand devoted to helping women take charge of their health --which is just what Renata has done for over 60 years. Drawing on her lifelong passion for exercise, healthy eating and self-care, she has built a concierge service for women over 40 that offers personal training, nutritional coaching, meal delivery, wellness retreats, and more to its clients. Our conversation with Renata gives you a taste of the depth of understanding, drive, generosity and, yes, joie de vivre that inspire her large and loyal following.