Season 4 Episode 06: Michaela Walsh - The Next Adventure


"The one thing I wanted in life was not to be cynical when I get old and, I’ve discovered that by looking at life as an adventure, there’s no way you can be cynical."

Sitting in Michaela Walsh’s New York City apartment and watching her eyes sparkle with mischief and delight every time she talked about the possibility of an adventure was an extraordinary privilege and pleasure for these Two Old Bitches! She has made an indelible mark for women in this world. She founded and led groundbreaking Women’s World Banking (WWB) from 1975 to 1990. WWB continues today, with banks led by and for women in more than 50 countries (and if you want to know more about Women’s World Banking, order Michaela's book.  Today Michaela is an 84-year old who is still pondering her next adventure. Join us to hear this pioneer for women’s economic leadership reflect on her truths, her journey as a risk-taker and disrupter, and her aspirations for what comes next.