Do you love Bitches? By ‘BITCH” we mean: Being In Total Charge of Herself. Join us, Idelisse Malavé and Joanne Sandler, Two Old Bitches from New York, as we celebrate kick-ass, unstoppable women over 50. They’re defiant and make their own rules – whether it’s about politics, love, sex, work, family or fashion. They explode myths about gender and aging and re-define what it means to be a woman at any age. Let their fearlessness inspire yours!



Who the hell are we?


Idelisse Malavé, 71, has been honing her bitchcraft for decades. A working class Puerto Rican immigrant raised in a middle-class, mostly Jewish, Brooklyn neighborhood, she graduated from Columbia Law School, defying expectations of who and what she could be to become a fierce social justice activist. After practicing public interest law in the 70s and 80s, she went on to lead progressive organizations – as Vice President of the Ms. Foundation and Executive Director of Tides Foundation – and wrote two books, Mother Daughter Revolution (Bantam) and Latino Stats (The New Press). Liberated from full-time leadership jobs (although, yes, she still consults to support her profound shopping habit), Idelisse is now free to exercise her greatest asset: asking provocative questions that lead to thoughts and ideas you didn't even know you had. Her motto these days is: “If it pleases me, I will.”


Joanne Sandler, 67, is on an endless journey to find her bitchy voice. She’s written articles and books about serious stuff -- like Gender at Work (Routledge), How Feminists Change Bureaucracies and Bureaucracies Change Feminists (Oxford Press), Women’s Rights Have No Country (OpenDemocracy) -- but for some strange reason, mainstream publishers and producers have yet to see the brilliance of her political essays, satirical musicals or scripts for TV thrillers. (Her psychic says she’ll be ‘discovered’ soon). A lifelong feminist, Joanne was ‘institutionalized’ for nearly two decades (as Deputy Executive Director of the UN Development Fund for Women-UNIFEM -- and many other women’s rights organizations). She’s traveled to more than 65 countries and -- now freed from full-time employment -- Joanne indulges her passions: podcasting, consulting (as a senior associate for Gender at Work), altered states and feminist fantasies. Her lifelong motto still applies ”Always leave while you’re still having a good time!”    

Katharine Heller (Bitchette, Co-Producer, Editor) is thrilled to amplify the voices of old bitches everywhere. A six-year veteran of the podcast world, she is the host of the storytelling podcast Tell The Bartender (featured on NPR's Guide to Great Podcasts, named Top 10 NYC Based Podcasts by Brokelyn), and the co-host of The Struggle Bus Podcast: Self-Care, Mental Health and Other Hilarious Stuff. Katharine is the Founder/Owner/Receptionist/CEO/Office Manager/President/Vice President/Janitor/Assistant Business Development Strategist of The Podcast Shop, which produces countless (ok, 8) other amazing podcasts. She is an actor, writer, playwright, storyteller and voiceover artist and has been seen/heard in various TV and radio commercials. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, petting your dog on the street, making personalized action figures for friends, dismantling patriarchy and ice skating.


Katharine Heller knows her shit! What would we have done without her extraordinary energy, verve, deep podcasting knowledge, and expertise? We can’t thank you enough for making podcasting fun!

Rick Guidotti, former fashion photographer and Founder/Executive Director of Positive Exposure, can wring a good photo out of anyone. Thank you for making us feel so glamorous!