Idelisse Malavé has been nurturing her inner bitch for 40 years and is now letting loose. She led social, racial and economic justice organizations – as Vice President of the Ms. Foundation for Women and as President of the Tides Foundation. She’s author of books and articles, including, most recently Latino Stats (New Press), which she wrote with her daughter Esti Giordani. At 69 years old, liberated from full-time leadership jobs (although, yes, she still does consulting to support her profound shopping habit), Idelisse is now free to exercise her greatest asset: asking the provocative questions that lead you to thoughts and ideas you didn't even know you had.

Joanne Sandler is particularly bitchy when people offer her seats on the subway. After 30 years as a women’s rights advocate working with feminist organizations around the world – most recently as Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Development Fund for Women, now UN Women – the last thing she wants is to sit down and shut up! At 65 years old, Joanne still travels, consults, writes (her most recent book, Gender at Work, was published by Routledge in 2016) and has breakfast at Starbucks every morning. Accompanied, nearly always, by a huge iced tea, Joanne loves to probe, to stir the pot and to find the stories that you’ve been dying to tell.

Katharine Heller (Bitchette, Co-Producer, Editor) is thrilled to amplify the voices of old bitches everywhere. A five year veteran of the podcast world, she is the host of the storytelling podcast Tell The Bartender (featured on NPR's Guide to Great Podcasts, named Top 10 NYC Based Podcasts by Brokelyn), and the co-host of The Struggle Bus Podcast: Self-Care, Mental Health and Other Hilarious Stuff. Katharine is the Founder/Owner/Receptionist/CEO/Office Manager/President/Vice President/Janitor/Assistant Business Development Strategist of The Podcast Shop, which produces countless (ok, 8) other amazing podcasts. She is an actor, writer, playwright, storyteller and voiceover artist and has been seen/heard in various TV and radio commercials. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, petting your dog on the street, making personalized action figures for friends, dismantling patriarchy and ice skating.