Season 1 Episode 06: Elaine Finsilver – The Cracked Plate

“If you stay removed from life, you don’t get anything. If you get involved in life, you get everything back!”

At 85 1/2, Elaine Finsilver  is – and has always been – determined to fill her life with art, politics and love in all their fullness and complexity. Her long life is full of those moments you stand up for your own convictions and justice, no matter the price. From reveling, in the 1950s, in being what her mother called a “fallen woman” because she moved in with a crew of bohemians on 103rd Street (including Andy Warhol); to pursuing the love of her life despite major marital complications; to gifting herself the joy of a painting career in her 70s and 80s, Elaine seamlessly radiates the joy and rewards of standing up for your beliefs and yourself. And, despite her mother’s best efforts to send her to finishing school, our conversation with her reveals, beyond a doubt, that she is anything but finished! Hope you’ll listen and love Elaine’s spirit and stories as much as we do. (And, if you want deep indulgence, follow up with our conversation with Elaine's daughter, Jane Summer, about writing and returning home).