Season 3 Episode 02: Martha Cortes - Lady, You Don’t Need Any Help!


“If you’re in love with what you’re doing., what are you going to retire for? ...What are you going to do for the next 25 years?”

For 63-year old Martha Cortes, it's all about oxygen. An internationally recognized leader in restorative aesthetic dentistry, Martha says that oxygen is the best supplement there is. She uses holistic and innovative practices to expand people's airways so they get the maximum amount for overall health and well-being. She's not like any other dentist we (or you) have ever met. A creative scientist and researcher, Martha was born in Colombia and raised in the States. She was President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (twice) and was the first woman and Latinx to hold that position. With wide-ranging curiosity, confidence and endless energy, retirement is not an option for Martha, now or in the coming years. Martha is as intriguing as she is intrigued by life, from health and science to art and dancing. As a child, she danced flamenco, but these days it’s dancing tango with “taxis” that gets her out of the office. Taxis? Listen and learn.