Season 5 Episode 02: Debbie Zimmerman - Film with Feminism

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“I couldn’t do film without feminism. And, I don’t think I want to do the feminism without the film.”

The world needs much more of Debbie Zimmerman, the long-time Executive Director of Women Make Movies. Since 1983, Debbie has been the leading force in taking it from a grassroots production organization to the world’s largest distribution outlet for films by and about women. Now, at 62, Debbie is as fierce, powerful, and determined as ever to make sure that the independent film sector includes and honors the diverse stories produced by women media makers from around the world. A ‘baby feminist’ since high school, a lover of travel and adventure forever, a globally-recognized expert on women in independent film, Debbie observes that she got ‘the trifecta’ of life and career: work that is feminist, culture-changing and entrepreneurial.  Listen to Debbie’s inspiring story and don’t stop there! Check out Women Make Movies website and catalogue (, support feminist film organizations, and watch independent feminist film. You’ll be glad you did!