Season 4 Episode 01: Geeta Misra - Dancing on the Edge

Geeta Press Photo.JPG

“Bold and brave. Dancing on the edge. Living each day as if it’s my first or last."

At 55 years, Geeta has perfected the practice of joyful disruption. She moves seamlessly between her lives in New York and Delhi, pursuing intersecting passions: gender and sexuality, film and other creative arts, and a wide web of friendships. Our conversation with Geeta ranged from exploring how she co-founded CREA – a feminist human rights organization that is creatively located on two continents – to how she arrived at her beliefs about sex work and her provocative views on culture and community in the U.S. Geeta’s determination to suspend judgment, her belief in a web of humanity that offers support and sustenance, and her lust for joy and creativity are inspiring from start to finish. We love celebrating this aspiring "funky bitch" and know that you will too.