Season 4 Episode 02: No Regrets

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“I was a little nervous. Two Old Bitches? And I thought, 'Ou-oh. What if they’re cute. If they’re cute, I’m going to throw up.’” - Ashton Applewhite

What do you think when you hear us say Two Old Bitches? Since we started this podcast, we’ve been asking the women we interview and lots of others too. In this episode, we’ve compiled some of the thoughtful, funny, horrified and encouraging responses over the past 2 years. Listen to the bitchy wisdom of Alta Starr, Ashton Applewhite, Jaune Evans, Geeta Misra, Inca Alexandrina Mohamed, Houry Geudelekian, Diane Scanlon and Freida Williams, Malaga Baldi, Radhika Balakrishnan, Joy Kane and Socorro Reyes.

AND, we’d love to hear your response! So tape yourself (audio or video) telling us what you think about our name Two Old Bitches. And the first 10 people who share their response with us will get their choice of either a Two Old Bitches T-shirt (tell us your size) or tote bag (it’s gorgeous - see below) in black and white. Send your tape (and your love!) to us at:  We can't wait to hear from you!

The Two Old Bitches Awesome Tote!

The Two Old Bitches Awesome Tote!